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Young Justice Porn Story: "Love, Sex and Superheroes – part 1"

Wally blocked Black Canary€™s roundhouse kick with excellent precision. He hooked his arm around her leg, upset her balance, and fell on top of her.
€œYou got the first part down, but you don€™t need to fall on your opponent,€ Black Canary smirked.
€œYou don€™t want me to?€ Wally smirked back, stroking her leg gently.
Black Canary rolled over in a swift movement- pinning Wally under her shapely form. €œKid Flash, for all your innuendo, I don€™t think you€™ve ever had a girlfriend.€
€œThere a problem with that?€
Black Canary pressed herself on him. She leaned forward, slowly€¦ slowly, and whispered in his ear. €œOnce you€™ve learned about love, then you can stick yourself in me.€
Wally€™s cock straightened faster than it had ever done before, pressing against Black Canary€™s body. €œPromise?€

Wally knocked on Artemis€™s door.
€œCome in.€
Wally opened the door and walked in, noting every detail Artemis€™s sleek body as she sat on the bed.
€œWanted to ask you something€¦ I uh€¦€ Wally stammered.
Artemis only cocked an eyebrow. €œOut with it.€
€œYou ever liked someone?€
Artemis rolled her eyes, motioning for Wally to sit beside her on the bed. €œI guess you mean like-liked?€
€œYeah.€ Wally sat. He looked at the floor, while Artemis stared at his face.
€œNot until I came here. And met you.€ Artemis blushed as Wally jerked his head up.
€œYou-actually, like me?€ Wally leaned forward, as Artemis mirrored him.
€œNo,€ Artemis said, leaning back out of his reach.
Wally was crushed. €œBut-€
€œI don€™t like you,€ Artemis explained, a strange expression on her face. €œI love you.€
Artemis jumped on him, pushing him down Continue reading

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